Factory Tour

Factory Tour

  • We have the pleasure of introducing ourselves to you as one of the most reputable hydraulic baling machine suppliers in China.
  • Since 1998, YM-BALER has devoted ourselves into hydraulic baler production, automation system and hydraulic unit design.
  • Our professional production line could be divided into 6 groups:cutting welding, fitter, quality testing, installation and and electricity testing. Each of our employees have worked in YM Baler more than 7 year averagely and are keen on offering our clients the best of the best.
  • Our products are nowadays widely used in Asia, South Africa, Middle East. YM-BALER has put in countless efforts and capital to improve our technique and product quality for our customers. With nearly 20 years of experiences in waste recycling application, we are proud to say that our products are able to stand out among other competitors, YM-BALER already been certified to ISO9001:2000, CE, SIRA association.
  • We look forward to working with new clients from around the world and offer even better product and customer service.

Our Team Landscape

  • Raw Material Cutting Group
  • Fitter Group
  • Turning lathe Group
  • Conveyor Group
  • Assemble Group
  • Machine Drawing Group

Tell Us About Your Next Project

Name Brand List
Hydraulic Components YUTIEN(TAIWAN Brand)
Sealing Parts NOK(JAPAN Brand)
Touch Screen WEINVIEW(TAIWAN Brand)
Electric Components FUJI(JAPAN Brand)
Cooling Device KAIRUI(TAIWAN Brand)
Oil Pump YUKEN(JAPAN Brand)
Bearing NSK(JAPAN Brand)
Motor WANNAN(Chinese Brand)
Controller Button Schneider(Franch Brand)
N/M Specification Quantity
1 Original NOK oil Seal According to baler model (based on models)
2 O-Rings
3 Hooks for wire hooking machine
4 Bearing
5 Electric buttons for controller
6 Cutter
7 Filter
8 Blade
9 Steel Chain for Wire tying machine
10 Sensor for safety door
11 Allen wrench
12 Adjustable wrench
13 Pliers
14 Tension screw

Download installation map

If you are interested in more details about each model, please kindly download our installation map, from which you can check product dimensions and installation direction of each model accordingly.